Woman Found Dead in Water Tank at Jahaz Ground Sahiwal

Rescue 1122 has recovered the dead body of a 30 years old woman.

Sahiwal ( Chichawatni News – Ch Wasim Irshad )

Rescue 1122 has recovered the dead body of a 30 years old woman from the water tank at Jahaz Ground Sahiwal.

Another proof of metropolitan corporation sahiwal has come to light. A 30 year old woman who was the mother of 4 children was divorced by her husband. Her dead body was found inside the water tank. Initially, it is called a suicide.

But the question is, where was the tube well operator when the woman was going over the water tank? According to SOPs, the Metropolitan Corporation Sahiwal has to clean the tank every 3 days.

But the body was inside the tank for 5 days. Due to lack of cleaning process, the dead body remained inside the tank.

The water smelled bad, but the staff of the Metropolitan Corporation kept sleeping and the body was infested with worms.

The water became poisonous and rotten and people were forced to drink the same water. When the stench became excessive and the water became extremely bitter, the staff went to the tank to check on the complaints of the people.

Local police and Rescue 1122 were called when the body was found. Rescue 1122 pulled the body out of the water and handed it over to police.

According to SHO City Police Sahiwal Mudassar Ghaffar, the woman has been identified and her heirs are residents of Multan.

While one of the sisters of the victim lives in Sahiwal who has identified her. The body has been deposited in the morgue of DHQ Hospital Sahiwal for further investigation.

Residents of the area have demanded strict action against the officials of the Metropolitan Corporation Sahiwal.

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