Former MPA Chichawatni Chaudhry Muhammad Hanif Jutt Media Briefing

Chcihawatni ( Press Club – 18 May 2022

Senior PML-N provincial leader and former member Provincial Assembly Chaudhry Muhammad Hanif Jutt has said that Imran Khan Niazi, who used to claim to travel by bicycle, has spent more than Rs 98 crore by traveling from Bani Gala to the Prime Minister’s House by helicopter.

Imran Khan heated up the market of corruption and looting. Despite this, he is not ashamed to chant the slogan of the state of Madinah. The conscious and zealous people of Pakistan have rejected Imran Khan and his lies.

PTI youth have turned away from Imran Khan. PTI supporters say that we are not mental slave who will support PTI even after their worst performance in 4 years.

Imran Khan first hid his marriage. Then he hid the offshore company. After that he hid foreign funding and gifts including 53 foreign funding bank accounts. Even after that, those who call Imran Khan honest should be ashamed.

However, the nation’s trusts was shaken by Imran Khan when he sold gifts from the treasury (Tosha Khana) and brought the country into disrepute. Due to their incompetence, the country is on the brink of disaster. Imran Khan’s poor policies have drowned the country’s economy.

He expressed these views in an exclusive interview with Chaudhry Abdul Naeem Jutt, Representative of Jahan Pakistan.

On this occasion PML-N Tehsil President Chaudhry Amjad Zafar, Tehsil General Secretary Mehr Qamar Sultan Kathia, Former President Press Club Haji Ghulam Murtaza, Leader PML-N Chaudhry Muhammad Nawaz Gujjar, Chaudhry Nasir Tufail Jutt, Chaudhry Yasir Jutt, Chaudhry Asad Hanif Apart from Secretary Information Tanzeel Durrani, Rana Zahid Guna, a large number of PML-N workers were present.

He said that those who promised 5 million houses and 10 million jobs created a storm of poverty, unemployment and inflation. People are expressing their hatred by not participating in the most flop meetings of PTI.

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